Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Paradise Found

As I approach the two month mark of eating an 85% to 90% Raw Vegan diet, I thought a check-in was appropriate. If I were to sum it up in one thought: The initial fogginess, stress, and lethargy with brief feelings of energy, vitality, and calm are now flip-flopped. Now I'm happy, peaceful, energetic and sharp with brief waves of anxiety and negativity which I still attribute to subtler detox symptoms. Although it's a much more gradual change in mood. I don't fall off the emotional and spiritual cliff anymore. It's something I sense is coming which makes it easier to be aware of and neutralize. As David Wolfe would say, I'm out of my comfort zone but not into my shock zone. The emotional and spiritual side is what is most unexpected. I'm aware, maybe for the first time, how intimately I'm connected to the biorhythm of the Earth and Nature. I feel like my membership to our planetary ecosystem and consciousness has just been approved. It's rubbing off too. People with whom I spend the most time are incorporating more natural, fresh foods into their diet. It's as if my residual energy is influencing their personal choices. I feel that what is healing me, can heal our culture from the inside out, both literally and figuratively. It takes seven years to completely renew one's entire body. I hope you'll stick around for the ride. All aboard!




    why did i just find this now!?

  2. Thanks! Please help spread the word.