Thursday, December 23, 2010


I've been thinking lately about how to best convey Raw and Living Foodism. I'm so excited about how great I'm feeling that I don't realize it when I ambush someone. My tact needs a little refining. My dad has had a triple bypass and then a heart attack in the last ten years so I feel that time is of the essence. Why don't people understand the destruction of their food choices? More importantly how do we tell them that an internal tornado is killing them one meal at a time? This isn't about trends. This isn't about a privileged diet of affluence. This is about the people we love, the world we love, and their redemption. Raw food enthusiastist and amazing musician Jonsi's song Tornado brings streaming tears when I ponder the full depth of it. My hope for us is that we find our way, lead by example, and let the inner light we all have be shared. Happy Holidays everyone.


  1. Hey Eric, like the song.

    (About coconut oil..I need to lay off's only been a few days. but once you open the door to something you gotta monitor it haha)

    I wanted to ask you actually, since you're new to the raw thing, did you go from cooked meat-eater to raw-vegan? I am asking because when I became vegan, I realized a year in that I had gained about 20 lbs and it had happened over a three month span where I had discovered vegan desserts, and went through a weird psychological thing where I was eating everything I could, without monitoring it. I'm over that issue now, but are you dealing okay with variety, and meal planning? What's a typical intake in a day for you?

    Hope you have a great new year :D And trust me, you're already influencing people with your new diet, you don't have to even talk about it, people see!!

    -Amy :)

  2. I've been either vegan or vegetarian for the last ten years. I went back and forth but in the last three years have been 100% vegan. Animal-free everything. I started with green smoothies about 6 or 7 months ago. I made sure I had one every morning. My girlfriend (who's vegan as well) had gone back and forth eating "Raw 'til dinner" so we tried a lot of different recipes. We slowly starting accumulating books on the subject. Then I got sick about 7 weeks ago. Nothing major but I felt like crap. So I made what I like to call a "super-duper immune booster" juice. I instantly felt better. That really changed it for me. So the next day I ate completely Raw except for my morning coffee. That was a Tuesday. By Saturday I was in detox hell, but I fought through it and by Monday I was fine. Coffee is the only thing that's keeping me from adopting a full-on Raw Vegan diet but I'm slowly lowering my intake. My daily diet is pretty typical and never the same so it would be hard to list it. I just try to listen to what my body wants. Thank you for the kind words, it really means a lot.

    P.S. Coconut Oil/Butter is best in moderation but is the only thing I've found that you can use anywhere on the body, inside and out.
    : )