Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Intuition and Improvisation

As I approach the three month mark of adopting a ninety to ninety five percent Raw Vegan lifestyle, I'm growing more at ease in my new skin. Whereas in the beginning I made what I thought I should be eating, I'm now letting my intuition guide the way. What a beautiful feeling. My recipe improvisation is also becoming more refined. I used to stress about meals, which ingredients may be missing in our kitchen, and how I would prepare food without all the "necessary" items on hand. Fast forward to two days ago where I found myself whipping up what would become my newest creation. Calm, cool, and collected, I foraged our refrigerator and pantry until there was a delicious feast before me. Intuition and improvisation are also beginning to reach into other areas of my life. I'm able to read people better and feel them out as to how best approach any given situation. I was once an angry, pissed off guy a large part of the day. I was reactive not proactive. My Buddhism practice is also in overdrive. What used to be a unfulfilled aspiration is now becoming an almost daily practice stretching into every corner of my mind, body and spirit. There's a lot of work yet to done but I see the path before me. What was before an uphill, dim, careening, narrow trail is now a radiant, level, wide open array of limitless possibilities. I thought I'd share the recipe pictures that symbolize this to me. Warmest wishes for your A-Ha! moment.  Mine included an Olive Oil massaged Collard with Red Bell Peppers, Kalamata Olives, Sundried Tomatoes, White Onions, drizzled with a Basil & Pine Nut Alfredo topped with Fresh Dill and Pine Nuts. I give you The Tuscan Wrap.

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