Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Typical Daily Diet

Hello everyone. I hope these words find you well. I've been asked twice now to list my daily food intake. It's kind of a difficult thing to do because what I eat changes so much. So I'm going to share my average breakfast, lunch and dinner, supplements and all. I get up around 6 a.m., juice half a lemon, and mix with about 12oz water and a little Celtic Sea Salt. Coffee is the monkey on my back right now and the only reason I'm not completely Raw. I try to find shade-grown, fair trade coffee as this seems to be more mellow. I'm tapering it down and I'm at about 5 oz a day which I have after my sea salt lemon water. Then it's time for 1,000 milligrams of  raw MSM in tablet form and 800 to 1000 milligrams of vegan vitamin D. Up next is the first of two breakfasts. I've always eaten two separate times in the morning. As I've been told by my friends, "I like to get my hungries." Grapefruit or orange is usually round one. Then it's green smoothie time! Kale, banana,  flax oil, aloe vera juice, spirulina, 1 milliliter of magnesium droplet/tincture, filtered water and ice. This is so good and I feel a little bit off on days when I miss my morning green smoothie. Lunch could be any simple salad with olive oil and vinegar or guacamole with celery sticks and/or red bell pepper strips. Snacking is not unusual in the afternoon but lately I've been drinking a lot of water as is recommended with any MSM supplement. Making dinner is like a spiritual event for me. I get in the zone. Just ask my girlfriend. She pretty much stays out of the kitchen when I make us dinner. Insert any entrĂ©e here: Collard wrap/burrito, zucchini pesto pasta,  nut/seed burger stuffed portobella and/or nori rolls are usually on the menu. About an hour before I go to sleep I make an herbal tea. Lately I've discovered my favorite combination: nettle leaves tea with burdock root and goji berries. No sweetener necessary with the gojis in there. By the time I'm finished with an 8oz cup I have the warm fuzzies. All joking aside, this tea is off the charts in antioxidants and blood purifying properties. I sleep soundly and deeply. I hope this answers any questions you may have had. Warm wishes and best regards!

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