Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hot Rawks

Hello all. Sorry for the absence. I've been readjusting to being home while simultaneously ingesting a Superfoods product for review. So here it is: This is the real deal. The fine folks at Hot Rawks were kind enough to send me a bottle to review. There's a ton of great information on their site, For me it's also a local organic Raw Vegan supplement here in NC. You can only get this online and at a handful of places at the moment.
The first day I opened the bottle,  I gave half of it away to my co-workers and girlfriend along with taking two capsules myself. I wanted as many perspectives as possible. I'm not one to write a fluff piece and I had to be sure this was a legitimate product. It far exceeded my expectations. Everyone who tried it loved it. I only have 12 capsules left out of a 60 count bottle. I'm a giver, in a lot of ways. I like to share my food, my time, and my energy with others. This is marketed as an aphrodisiac. My girlfriend and I can now attest to the power of these Superfoods. Maca Root, Horny Goat Weed, Ginseng, Cayenne, Catuaba Bark AND Cacao makes for a pretty good weekend, let me tell you. After the initial physical effects,, it gets spiritual. All three elements of Chinese Medicine are represented here. The powder in these capsules is so well balanced. I've found that my favorite way to ingest them is mixed in my morning green smoothie. Brilliant!
I'm always cautious about taking anything. I don't even take aspirin unless my head is pounding. I think Hot Rawks has helped me find my inner balance along with a boost of energy that has no crash, no withdrawal, and most importantly, no side-effects. I gave my Dad a few and he had great things to say about it as well. I wish Julie much success. The herbal supplements market is highly competitive but I feel confident she can hold her own. The proof is in the (Raw!) pudding.

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