Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Apollo Programme was a Hoax.

    One of my all time favorite bands, Refused, is on my mind today. Namely, the powerful words they forever etched into my brain. Sabotage will set us free, throw a rock in the machine. I'm a peaceful person. I always have been, I always will be. But to speak frankly for a moment, I'm pretty fed up with all the bullshit surrounding our food supply and our world as a whole.
    I focus on food for many reasons, Raw Veganism being only one. It affects us in every conceivable way. We literally are what we eat. I don't need to rehash old posts, you guys know exactly where I'm coming from. What boggles my mind is why doesn't everyone get it? I guess I'm strangely fascinated by folks who accept the truth as told to them by mainstream science and commercial media. The ones who think facts are negotiable. They are not. Some things are just true. If I cut through the white noise what I hear mostly is analogous to: "I don't believe in the law of gravity, watch me walk up this wall just to prove you wrong!" How do you respond to someone like that?
    Sabotage will set us free. There is no natural law that says you must actively participate in a mindless consumer culture. Peaceful, yet disruptive direct action, is highly encouraged. You decide what you're comfortable with. Some people shoplift at sweatshop chain stores, some people choose not to shop at GMO dominated grocers, some people hack into Monsanto's database and disseminate incriminating information. None of these actions harm another living creature. They're all a middle finger pointed towards our soulless system of profit and disease.
   If I sound angry, I'm not. I'm as cool as a cucumber. Anger and attachment are the distractions the ruling class use to confuse and divide us. Well, let me tell you, that's just not going to work anymore. If we start with an empowering diet and lifestyle, the skies the limits. I've never been this clear and focused in my entire life and 90% of it is because of a Raw Food lifestyle. It changes you, for the better. I've always had these concerns, but I've never had this sort of confidence in my personal choices. It's different for everyone, but, if you can look at a suffering animal on a factory farm or a starving child with any amount of indifference, maybe The Cooked Food Conspiracy isn't for you. My gut tells me however, that this is not the case. If you're still reading, it's obvious you care.
   Our lives are short. Soon the elements that make up our bodies will disintegrate. How will you throw a rock in the machine? Some of us have more rocks than we can carry. Pick your battles and defend them to the death. May a healing wind blow through us all.


  1. Nice work Eric!

    Ps: The orange vs red font is easier on the eyes or maybe its just me.

  2. Thanks! Yeah, I've played with the font colors, still never satisfied. Let's see what I can do to make it a little easier on the eyes.