Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Home is Where you Hang Your Hat?

    As our west coast trip and move date get closer, I'm staying open-minded to any possibility. Sure, I want to move out West, so does Liz. It's also important to not let anything sway you too much in any one direction. I love NC, I love Northern CA, and I love L.A. What a wonderful problem to have. A good friend of mine, Jason, told me once that home is where you hang your hat, as opposed to "where the heart is." My heart is always just a beat away. It seems like the moment we opened our mind to new possibilities, the universe opened up. I'm letting my intuition hold the reins. My ego has truly "let go."
    The Raw Vegan lifestyle has been my greatest blessing to date. I wish I'd started eating this way years ago. I'm a changed man, all for the better. I'm searching for ways I can give back. I've taken so much in my life. Taken from people, the Earth, and myself. I'm unlearning the conditioning that's clouded my mind for 32 years. The original mind is clear and pristine. My karma appears to be shifting in a good direction. Though appearances can be deceiving. I'm just watching it all go by and playing my part as best I can.
    One of the things that still makes me disappointed in myself is something I let happen on Facebook, of all places! I let myself get caught up in petty partisan politics. It ruined a couple really great friendships. I've apologized for myself but it doesn't seem to matter to them. One of those friends I'd had since the 3rd grade. It's a shame that people hold so tightly to their beliefs. The more your brain "believes" anything, the more it stops critically questioning everything. It literally stops functioning in that "belief zone." A non-functioning mind is clinically dead. I hope they come back to life in my life one day. This isn't a judgement or critique of them, it's a plea.
    There's love pulsing through every atom in my body. I feel so connected to everything, as if for the first time. The world is changing day by day and I think it's for the better. People are scared and they shouldn't be. We are the government. We can make the laws we want to live by. We can end the corporate democracy for good if we fight for what we belief in. Let's fight with our money, our hearts, and our minds. Have a good week everyone. I love you.

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