Saturday, February 5, 2011

Internal Synergy

    The last two weeks have had a lot of twists and turns. When the decision was made to leave North Carolina for the West Coast, something happened: I pulled my head out of the sand. Suddenly the Universe laid itself at my feet. The dismal surroundings I'd long dismissed began to open. At first I thought "Wow, looks like Winston-Salem might actually have some great projects in the works." As if instantaneously my hometown became cool again. It's always had it's bright spots and I'm starting to see how I fit in here. The deeper my connection becomes with Raw and Living foods, and its relation to my body, mind, and spirit, the deeper the connection becomes to my social and geographical roots. I never thought it would be an easy choice to leave this place. I have so many amazing friends and a very loving family. I realize all of this and yet it's time for a change. There's something calling me and I have to answer.
    Changing what I ate was only the beginning. The internal synergy that's been taking place is propelling me forward. Settling into my ninety percent Raw Vegan lifestyle has, so far, been only a positive transformation. I've lost nearly thirty pounds in three months, my mind is crystal clear, and my gratitude and love is growing exponentially. We leave for our Spring Break trip on March 10th to go find out if home will be Ashland OR, Redding CA, or Mount Shasta CA. There are just some things that cannot be accomplished here. The cultural climate is not the same. The West Coast is the birthplace of the Raw Food movement, among many other things.
    All is uncertain and impermanent. Nothing is set in stone. We are only a spiritual biomass consisting of the four elements. We arise, we pass away. Pondering this, the present is always a place I'll enjoy residing, wherever that may be on a map.

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  1. I completely understand why you feel the need to move to a new place where like minded people are and where you can have fresh food year around. Here I know it's hard with our climate in the winter time and I'm sure fresher is better for your diet... I wish you luck on your new quest!