Sunday, April 17, 2011

I Wasn't Born With Enough Middle Fingers

Well, it appears I'm back. Soul searching on a times 10 frame of mind is something I've grown accustomed to being Raw. Everything's in fast forward most of the time. Fugazi has a line in a song that says "When people are catching, what farmers release; I'm on a mission, to never agree." Those are words to live by my friends.  I'm living in defiance of the status quo in a way that actually improves the quality of my life. I'm pissed off about a lot of things. How does the expression go? If your not outraged, you're not paying attention? Yeah, that's the one.
I get it out through insight meditation. As much as it helps my clinging attachment, it makes me feel a very engaged brand of compassion. I can no longer subscribe to false prophet preaching. These are not end times. Everything is pretty okay in a lot of ways. That impending sense of doom they market to us sells a lot of books but it's simply not true. I refuse to grow into a scared, bitter old man. I'm open and fearless. If I seem all over the place, it's because that's when I thrive! "Crazy" is a dismissive word used when someone's not understood. Well, if I can relate this to you, the reader, and you can relate it back, then that's not delusion, it's reality.
I feel pretty good about how my life is progressing. It's now the six month mark on my journey to give a middle finger to the establishment through lifestyle change. It actually started when I was 13 and I discovered punk rock. I'm still that 13 year old kid singing along to Bad Religion and the Dead Kennedys. Though now I'm 32, fierce and educated in the ways of the world. It starts, surprisingly enough, with a healthy diet. After you have the clear comprehension and clarity of mind associated with feeling empowered and in control of your food choices, you can truly do anything. "Bring it on" is my new mantra. We're responsible for how we feel. We're responsible for taking charge of our current predicaments. Every meal is a step towards feeling better or worse about yourself. Join me in saying "Fuck You!" to places that sell and grow GMO's while claiming to have sustainable integrity. This is our food we're talking about. Let's take the power back before it's too late.
Over and out....

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