Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Yin and Yang of Raw Veganism

Hello all. I hope this finds you well. I've been trying to balance my Raw Veganism as of late. Figuring out how Raw to be is a wonderful opportunity to re-evaluate your body, mind and spirit. I feel pretty comfortable at 90 percent. The cooked food my body personally needs is organic whole grain or brown rice and the occasional indulgence of steamed veggies. I'm learning how to not be 100 percent anything. I've been so firmly rooted in my own bullshit for so long that I didn't even know. I largely attribute transcending the mundane details of human existence to Superfoods. Mother Earth makes everything we need, we just have to find it. I think it's possible to get too far out there. If you're partaking of deer's placenta, something's up. Everything's not a product to be sold and consumed.
The one exception I'm allowing myself, in regards to 100 percent, is Veganism. Consuming animal products, while natural to some, truly repulses me. The way our culture has subjugated this planet is indefensible. We are but one species on a planet with finite resources. We have almost reached the point of no return. Only love can save us now. Love for ourselves, our fellow sentient beings and every other living thing that doesn't have a heartbeat.
Rooting myself in the present moment is a task worth pursuing. We are all creators in our own moment. As I type I realize how much I'm capable of creating. Thoughts lead to words, words to action, action to character. So take a step back from your present situation and envision your place in it all. As a friend reminded me this week, "wherever you go, there you are."